Chez Tezza

Australian Bushwalking, Mountain Huts, Bush Poetry and Photography.


This is a site about bushwalking (tramping, trekking) mainly in one of our most beautiful national parks called Kosciuszko National Park in the South East of Australia where it snows in winter.

For many thousands of years the first Australians visited this area for ceremonies and food, including the Bogong Moth, and maybe even because it is such a beautiful wondrous place.

Before 1956 when it became a national park it was used for grazing cattle in summer and a lot of the cattlemen’s hut remain as shelter for skiers and bushwalkers. Some of these huts have been removed over the years as not being consistent with being in a National Park / Wilderness, while there has been a lot of debate about what to do with the others.

Some of the huts destroyed in the 2003 firestorms have been rebuilt while there are plans to rebuild others. Apart from their historical and sentimental value, these huts can in some circumstances be life saving for cross country skiers and bushwalkers.

I sincerely hope my children and grandchildren will be able to discover for themselves the joy of wandering through Kosciuszko National Park.

I have taken the photos over the last 40 years or so.

Photos may be used after permission and with attribution.